this module gave me the opportunity to develop a practical project of my own individual interest. it encouraged me to work completely independently, think critically about my own design and decisions, present my ideas confidently and explore new areas of graphic design. the module helped me to understand a design process and how it is being developed from the first idea to the final outcome.
as a specialist practice project, i decided to create something to express my passion for cycling. it is something very important to me, and i thought it is best to go with a topic i truly care about and never give up on giving my best in order to achieve the best possible outcome.
i had to think about the possibilities, the outcomes and what will show and communicate my idea of expressing passion the best. i started thinking of my aim to gain and develop new practical skills. that was when i had the idea of creating a number of artworks using different techniques. all these artworks would show the same object, the one this whole project is about. a racing bicycle was the starting point of this whole idea, so it will be honoured by designing all these different designs. using the iconic shape of a bike, the idea was to experiment with the resources given at university. from screen printing, laser cutting, weaving, embroidery, sewing to digital print, i wanted to use this project to explore all these different areas of design. all the final results should be combined and published in a book.
as i did research to find out why people are passionate and how far they would go to satisfy their passions, i realised that i wouldn’t be satisfied with only a book as a final outcome representing my passion. talking to my tutor tim, i understood that maybe a different approach to the topic will help me to develop it further and achieve the outcome that i can be happy with. we came to the solution that a film, a moving image, would be the best possible outcome for what i had in imagination. considering the fact, that cycling is about movement, speed, adrenaline and so much more, a book hardly represents that, but a film can. after that decision was made, all my previous plans of working with different techniques like screen printing and laser cutting suddenly became irrelevant. i knew that i wanted to lay my focus on the moving image, on filming and being able to transfer a feeling through a film. that was a totally new challenge for me, but i was excited to test myself and to see how far i can go with this project.
creating a film for the first time means understanding the process behind it. in the beginning, it was quite hard for me to create a storyboard. i had a concept in my mind, but to get it on paper like this, planning every step in advance, thinking about what scenes to shoot made me realise that this really was a challenge for me. changing the concept and the storyboard over and over again, i finally came up with something i felt was right and good. i started shooting with my iphone 5s, walking around derby capturing scenes. the process of collecting the footage actually reminded me of the feeling of freedom of being on a bike. i enjoyed rediscovering derby because this time i looked at all these streets and places from a different point of view.
after gathering the footage, talking to people, doing a questionnaire and creating a concept, i could start making the actual film. as i never did this before, using programmes like adobe after effects and adobe premiere pro seemed like a big, scary and impossible-to-master challenge for me. but after learning through online tutorials and practising my skills, i actually enjoyed using a new software and being able to create something with it. i am looking forward to developing my new earned skills even further, as this for sure wasn’t the last film i created.
reflecting the whole process i went through, i can say that i achieved what i was aiming for in the beginning, although the outcome turned out to be different from what i expected. this is something i would like to avoid in the future, as it costs valuable time changing the concept and the idea in the middle of the process of developing a project. better and more intense analysis in the beginning of a project might help to prevent these kinds of problems. besides, i need to learn to step back and look at my project as a whole. i tend to be too focused and get stuck thinking too complicated. sometimes the answer to the solution can be so simple that i don’t realise it. furthermore, i gained experience in organising myself during a project in order to get everything done in time. i can now present my ideas and outcomes in a confident way.